Ensure anonymity in smart data

21 Oct 21 - 03:05 pm

How do we make sure our identities remain anonymous while using smart buildings?

Smart building technology helps organizations create more efficient work environments that better meet the needs of employees. From helping them understand how to use the facilities and rooms to the effective settings of heating and cooling systems, smart building technology is revolutionizing the modern workplace. But there is an issue that worries both the maker and the user: privacy and anonymity.

If your business building uses sophisticated surveillance systems, how can you ensure that the data collected is lawful and does not make your people feel like they are being spied on?

General principles to be followed when collecting data:

Huge amounts of data can be collected from the workplace, whether from employee behavior or work patterns. However, there are some important rules that you should be aware of before you start using this system:

  1.  Respect personal information: Never collect personal information and make sure it is anonymous before saving.
  2. Do not use this technology to spy on your employees: You can not monitor the behavior of certain employees and spy on them.
  3. Adhere to the instructions.
  4. Do not use the data you already have as leverage: Do not collect what you do not need. Most likely you have a certain amount of data, so make sure you know how to use this information first.
  5. Do not lose control of your data: If your data is not physically recorded and you store it in the cloud, make sure you provide a platform for the security of this data, and it is more important than anything else that You know where and how you store this data.
  6. Decide who can access the data: No one should have access to all the data you collect. With this account, access to data varies depending on the role of people inside or outside the organization.
  7. Be transparent: Constantly share the reasons for data collection and data results with all partners and keep them informed.
  8. Be strict in choosing auxiliary force to collect this data: Many people use intelligent systems in buildings. So it is essential that your data collection assistant is trustworthy.

What methods should we not use?

Experts strongly advise against using specialized face recognition systems and software in buildings. This drastically reduces the reliability of the residents.

What methods do we suggest?

Use presence detection sensors in meeting rooms with a capacity of more than three people.

Toilets are generally very sensitive to privacy, but the fact that the hygiene of those places is also important cannot be ignored. The use of anonymous intelligent system plays a key role here, while preventing the waste of time and energy while respecting the privacy of individuals.

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