What is a building BMS?

What is a building BMS?

“BMS” or Building management system, which in Persian has been translated as intelligent building management, refers to a set of hardware and software

that are installed in order to monitor and control the important and vital parts of the building.

The task of this complex is to continuously monitor different parts of the building and apply orders to them in such a way that the performance of different building

components is balanced with each other and in optimal conditions with the aim of reducing unwanted consumption and allocating energy resources only to spaces during operation.

When the control of each system of a building

such as HVAC, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Access system is

automatically controlled and all these systems are in an interconnected

network and integrated through an integration software

(Integrate ) And also managed by a professional server and operator.

The term BMS means the management of building systems,

so until the integration is not done, we do not have BMS,

but today by mistake any automatic control in one of the building systems such as HVAC Control Heating,

cooling and air conditioning) is known as BMS.

It should be noted that all these systems are independent

and must be able to operate independently if they leave the central control system.

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Public voice notification system and paging?

For information and coordination between different departments

in places such as hospitals and health centers, universities

and training centers, factories and warehouses, airports, public places, hotels, entertainment centers, chain stores, etc.

Efficient is needed for pitching and public information

with the aim of giving voice to different parts of a large building or complex (Public Address System). This system can be used to call people, play music and radio, play voice alerts in emergencies, inform and generally facilitate the control and management of places.

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What is BGM?

This modification provides the acronym Back Ground Music in public environments such as shopping malls with different zoning and uses

to play an independent sound or music in each zone in a limited sound range.

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What is PAVA?

The term stands for Public Addresss & Voice Alarm, which means alerting and addressing audio equipment, the main purpose of which is to

guide and control people in times of crisis in high-risk and crowded buildings such as hospitals, city stations, ports and airports. .

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What is an addressable fire alarm?

Identifying the exact location of a fire or fire has always been one of the main concerns of users, and an addressable fire alarm system is the best choice to address this challenge.

A distinctive feature of this system is the ability to select a single address for each device, and using the central control panel, a single name can be selected for each detector.

analog addressable fire alarm system

In the analog addressable fire alarm system, the detectors are

always active and Receives and responds to any signal sent by the central control panel.

These detectors provide the data as input signal to

the microprocessors of the central control panel, and in case of fire

or error, the central panel detects the change in status and shows the exact location of the fire or error.

In addition, using this system, it is possible to determine the exact cause of the fire, the exact location of the fire or error, and activate the alarms that are related to that place.

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What is a fire alarm system and how does it work?

A fire alarm system is a set of electronic components that are responsible for detecting a fire.

Fire alarm systems are used in a variety of office, industrial and residential buildings, etc.

to minimize the damage caused by fire and also to inform the occupants of the building in case of emergency and danger of fire.

You are using these systems to prevent casualties as much as possible.

This system includes equipment such as smoke, heat, flame and

gas detectors that are used for early detection of fires and warning through sirens and flashers.

Proper design, implementation and use of this system can prevent many life and financial risks.

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