Machine learning or deep learning?

23 Oct 21 - 03:16 pm

Machine learning or deep learning?

Today we are engaged in machine learning and deep learning. Terms that are often used interchangeably have different meanings, but what they have in common is that both concepts are embedded in artificial intelligence; and to understand them more deeply, we must first understand the difference and meaning of each.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can mimic human reasoning and logic. Artificial intelligence includes the concepts of machine learning and deep learning; which we will discuss below.

Machine learning

It is a branch of artificial intelligence that includes the creation of algorithms that can transform themselves without human intervention. This is a way to analyze data and identify patterns without human help.

Deep learning

The deep learning process uses a special level of algorithms called neural networks. These networks attempt to simulate the function of neural networks in the human brain; including speech, object, and image recognition.

How do these technologies work?

Machine learning algorithms learn from the data provided to them; and thus machines are trained to perform various tasks independently. Then, when exposed to new data; they adapt to previous calculations and the patterns are modeled to provide reliable answers.

Deep learning involves complex patterns consisting of several layers of neurons (neural fibers) occupied by vast amounts of data that are capable of recognizing images and speech; processing natural language; and learning to perform highly advanced tasks without human intervention.

The core of this data is ultimately the ability; to recognize the image. The goal of any industry is to provide the highest quality products or services; at the lowest possible cost. This can include both concepts related to artificial intelligence. There are several applications of machine learning in industry:

we can use machine learning  in the preparation; production and learning of various issues.

This technology offers flexible solutions to the complexity of production systems. The term intelligent manufacturing systems refer to a new generation of manufacturing systems; that use the results of artificial intelligence research to solve problems related to information shortages.

  • use machine learning to arrangement of logistics.
  • use machine learning to maintain tools.
  • create a sense of security.
  • Machine learning algorithms have emerged as very powerful.
  • use deep learning in cybersecurity to analyze malware and detect; prevent and prevent its intrusion.

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