Our Services

Our Services

Audience groups (buyers):

Sales agencies of Sepehr Sanat large complex in all provinces of Iran
Government departments such as ministries, oil companies, etc.
Nationwide universities
Companies and private projects including: residential, commercial, educational, health, retail and public services; etc.
Hospitals and health centers
Airports and public places
Universities and educational centers
Hotels and leisure centers
Factories, warehouses and industrial centers


Sepehr Sanat Large Group with the aim of creating value for the customer needs assessment; and providing the most desirable products and services to them is trying to maintain a direct relationship with the customer. This complex is serving by using experienced and specialized human resources in various fields of consulting, sales, etc., with a maximum view on customer satisfaction.

after sales services

The after-sales service department of Sepehr Sanat Large Complex; with the aim of improving the level of customer satisfaction; by prioritizing quality and speed in all its services and having experienced; and experienced technical staff; is a reliable companion for the large family of consumers of the company’s products. This set of after-sales service equates the product with sales and is committed to it.

All products offered by this collection include warranty and after-sales service throughout the country.

communication with clients

This part of Sepehr Sanat large collection is constantly responding to dear customers. After the contact of the contact with the collection; the text of the request is registered and reviewed. In case of requesting services; referral to the relevant unit and the possibility of providing services by authorized representatives is provided; and in case of criticism; suggestions, etc; the necessary follow-ups are done to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of the services in this section:

Advice to buy and choose the right product
Holding training courses to get acquainted with the products
2-year product warranty service
10 years after-sales service
Responding to the needs and criticisms of buyers
Direct and permanent communication with the buyer

Some of our services

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