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Innovative environmental controls, life safety, security, sensing, scanning and mobility solutions for buildings of every type, everywhere!


For building environments of all sizes and needs

Effortlessly monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical elements of your building with Honeywell’s world-class Building Management System. Offering the same ease and reliability that distinguishes every Honeywell offering, our Building Management System products simplify the way you manage your building’s services, from the power system and lighting to ventilation and fire detection. Ensure the complete safety and security for the people living or working in your building with Honeywell’s Building Management System offerings.

Product Offerings

Delivering maximum efficiency, sustainability and cost savings for modern buildings
Offering industry-leading performance and unstinting reliability, Honeywell’s Building Management System range is the first choice for homes, buildings, industrial facilities as well as public and private utilities all over the world.

Simplify building management and control

With our innovative approach in product design and advanced production technical capabilities for building environments of any size

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