Enhanced, reliable
fire detection
Designed and constructed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology to provide reliable, ongoing performance for all types of premises

ZXSe Intelligent Multi-Protocol Fire Alarm Control Panel

Honeywell’s ZX range of 1, 2 or 5-loop modular, scalable intelligent fire alarm control panels are suitable for protecting medium to large properties. These panels are easy to install and maintain, making them an obvious choice for new projects and refurbishments.


Addressable, Intelligent, Scalable
A range of modular, scalable fire alarm platforms that can expand with the building or site by adding additional devices, loop cards, printers or repeater panels.
ZX5Se Addressable Fire Alarm
1-5 Loop Control Panel
ZX1Se Addressable Fire Alarm
1 Loop Control Panel
ZX2Se Addressable Fire Alarm
1-2 Loop Control Panel

ZX5Se Addressable Fire Alarm 1-5 Loop Control Panel

The ZX5Se is an intelligent fire alarm control panel designed and constructed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology. This simple approach has produced a modular, scalable fire alarm platform suitable for protecting all types of premises. Key features include 230Vac, 4 sounder circuits, 4 line display, networking capability and 6 Amp PSU with 460mA loop capability.

The panel is supplied with 20 zonal LEDs and is expandable to 40 or 80.

  • Scalable platform which can support up to 99 on a single network
  • Simple integration with VA/PA and other systems
  • Seamless support of industry-leading detection device protocols
  • Easy to follow menu supports all standard maintenance activities
  • Wide range of supporting equipment, such as printers, mounting accessories and repeaters provides maximum system flexibility
  • Simple programming with the off-line system configuration tool
  • Designed to comply with EN54 Parts 2 & 4


For enhanced flexibility and scalability
Each ZXSe control panel is composed of high-quality, perfectly engineered components for reliable fire detection for all kinds of applications.

ZXSE Software Series
Graphic Management Software


This software comes with intelligent, sophisticated features like AUTOLEARN which aid with the initial system installation. An internal routine automatically detects all the devices on the detection and peripheral loops, saving valuable commissioning time. An off-line Windows™ configuration tool is also included to further enhance the process, making text entry and specific, complex device programming easier. Complex cause and effect programming is simplified through a clearly-designed user interface. Once completed, the panel configuration can be saved for future reference. Enhanced features allow the complete archiving of the control panel history log.
  • Event logic facilitates complex cross-panel programming
  • Auto-learn facility allows rapid and accurate commissioning of devices
  • Windows™ configuration tool allows off-site programming
  • Facility to print history and event logs


Quality Components for a Quality Device
Each DXc control panel is composed of high-quality, perfectly-engineered components for reliable performance in any kind of situation.


Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

The S200A photoelectric smoke detector has a completely new detection chamber design which delivers improved responsiveness, reduced sensitivity changes caused by settling dust, and reduced false alarms from ingress of insects and other debris. The plug-in unit uses sophisticated processing circuitry with smoothing filters to help eliminate transient environmental noise conditions that can cause unwanted alarms. The devices are managed by embedded software running complex algorithms that further improve resilience to false alarms and improve detection speed.

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