Sensing fires,
ensuring safety
Engineered to the same high standards as all Honeywell offerings, the System Sensor line of products are reliable, sophisticated and designed for real-world applications.

Comprehensive Range for Continuous Fire Safety

System Sensor products provide world-class fire and smoke detection for real-world applications all over the world. As a specialist in smoke detection technology, Honeywell places a high premium on research and development – the results of which are apparent with this line of world-class products. Each sophisticated product in this range offers reliable fire protection, is ready for global applications while also being completely compliant with local markets and fire codes.


Many Customisable Choices for End Users
Out-of-the-box and on-the-wall solutions allow installers to quickly and simply meet the needs of end users.

Simplify building management and control

With our innovative approach in product design and advanced production technical capabilities for building environments of any size

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