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Honeywell Xtralis is a global provider of powerful solutions for fast and reliable detection of smoke, fire and gas threats.

Early warnings to mitigate danger and prevent disasters

At Honeywell, we believe that the sooner you know of danger, the safer you can be. All Honeywell Xtralis products are designed for early and reliable detection to ensure that proper action can be taken to save lives and assets, and to maintain business continuity.. Not only do these solutions provide unprecedented detection guarantees, they also eliminate the possibility of false alarms.


Very early warning threat detection solutions
Comprehensive range of very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems from the pioneer in life safety for over 30 years

VESDA-E Aspirating Smoke Detector ( ASD)

For decades, the VESDA range of aspirating smoke detectors (ASD) have been recognized as the best in the world. The new VESDA-E range exceeds previous VESDA detectors with many enhanced features, including dramatically increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than previous models; flexibility for deployment in a wide variety of applications; multi-port addressability; unparalleled connectivity & expansion options; and, field upgradability. All these features combine to make VESDA-E the best choice for early warning of smoke and fire threats. VESDA-E's sensitivity, flexibility, reliability, programmability, and expandability provides customers with superior performance and protection, while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

VESDA LaserFocus Aspirating Smoke Detector (VLF)

The VESDA VLF by Xtralis is an aspirating smoke detector ideal for small, business-critical spaces. Available in two models, the VLF-250 covers up to 250 m2 (2,690 sq. ft.), and the VLF-500 covers areas up to 500 m2 (5,380 sq. ft.).
  • VESDA Sensepoint XCL
    Micro Bore Aspirating Gas Detector

    VESDA Sensepoint XCL provides early warning of the presence of gases for occupant protection and system monitoring whilst at the same time ensuring protection against fire threats. Through its embedded Bluetooth interface, VESDA Sensepoint XCL enables customers to pair the gas detector with their smart device applications to perform installation, commissioning and maintenance. This ensures a faster VESDA Sensepoint XCL installation, rapid configuration, simplicity to operate, and simplified maintenance.

  • OSID-DE (Dual Ended)
    Smoke Beam Detector

    Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) provides projected beam smoke detection technology. By using advanced dual wavelength projected beams and optical imaging technology for early warning smoke detection, OSID provides a low-cost, reliable and easy-to-install solution that overcomes typical beam detection issues such as false alarm incidents and alignment difficulties.

    Lithium Ion Battery Rack Monitoring System

    The Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitoring system is a device that monitors lithium-ion battery off-gas events. Off-gas events occur early in the failure mode of lithium-ion batteries and very early detection of these events allow proper mitigation steps to be taken to avoid a catastrophic thermal runaway failure. The Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitoring system is designed to be plug-and-play, easily to install and consists of two primary components, (i) off-gas sensors, (ii) controller.

Simplify building management and control

With our innovative approach in product design and advanced production technical capabilities for building environments of any size

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