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Pro-Watch Visitor Management provides a single consistent solution that offers better visibility, improved security, and reduced overheads for your premises.

Pro-Watch Visitor Management

Pro-Watch Visitor Management module can be used to pre-print badges; to generate detailed visitor traffic reports; and to enforce visitor/contractor security policies. It can even be used to display safety or promotional videos. It will boost visitor security; enable the organization to have a complete, centralized record of all visitors, and enhance overall customer service levels.


Pro-Watch Visitor Management

Manage your business specific needs by effectively registering, badging and tracking any visitor.
With Lobby Works, visitor registration is quick and simple and can take place at a guard station or an optional self-registration kiosk. The application allows visitors to scan photo ID's or business cards and instantly checks if the visitor is expected; that they are not on a list of prohibited people; and whether they are a returning visitor. After scanning the information, the application takes a digital photo or captures the visitor's signature.

For pre-registered and returning visitors, badges can be awaiting their arrival and will just need to be scanned to check them in. Visitor badges can be printed on black and white thermal direct label printers; inkjet or laser color printers; or dye sublimation printers. The badges can incorporate features such as time-expiring stamps or tamper-resistant inks. Each badge is individually printed with visitor’s name and photo, expiry time, the host’s name and the areas of access.

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Model No. Pro-Watch Visitor Management


  • Entry into system by lobby receptionist
  • Outlook® vCalendar integration via POP3
  • Web Center add-on for pre-registration by hosts
  • Bar code on email pre-registration notification sent to visitor can be scanned at the kiosk for fast processing


  • Process most visitors in 20 seconds or less
  • Capture visitor’s photo and/or signature
  • Scan arriving visitor’s photo ID or business card
  • Print professional color visitor passes with expiration date, visit area, host, and purpose of visit
  • Issue Pro-Watch® access control raids
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