9025 thermostat is a KNX® room temperature controller that includes 7 configurable capacitive buttons for on / off, dimming, rolling shutters and venetian controls, scene recall and control, object sequences, local thermostat controls, etc.Device offers a 2 stage thermostat with integrated PI controller to control heating and cooling equipments, valves, 2 and 4 pipes fan coils etc ..Device has an embedded temperature sensor and a rear 2 poles connector, con gurable as digital or analog input; It’s possible to connect an additional NTC temperature probe (eelectron codes TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC – not included) to perform a direct temperature measurement. A version with integrated temperature and relative humidity sensor is available usable for controlling actuators for ambient humidity control.9025 range has a RGB led bar on the front side in order to visualize thermostat operating modes or feedbacks and other values available over the KNX bus. The device includes an RGB led bar on the front to display status or other values available on the KNX bus. Glass covers are available for HOTEL or RESIDENTIAL applications; both covers can be in CUSTOM version. Using glasses in CUSTOM version is possible to light up custom and interchangeable icons matching with the associated function. The 9025 KNX® range is mounted in 2 or 3 modules box and is compliant with main standards (British, German, Italian, etc).Device is equipped with KNX communication interface.

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