The products is intended to be installed with the glass covers which can be customized on request. The upper part of the glass is backlit (to illuminate the room number or a logo – both customizations on request); in the lower part there’s  1 button (typically with bell function) and 2 LEDs for displaying the MUR and DND states. The transponder is read by placing it in front of the reader, at a maximum distance of 30 mm. The color of the reader RGB LED bar indicates that the card has been recognized and shows different (configurable) colors for status or anomalies reporting such as: Card recognized (welcome): default color Green Incorrect system code: Orange color default Unrecognized ID card: default color Red Wrong Card Date (validity expired): default color Red Wrong day of the week (Entry prohibited day): default color Purple Wrong time of day (Entry forbidden time): default color Purple The reader also integrates a buzzer (which can be activated with the ETS parameter) for anomalies signaling.

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