The ADPRO PRO E-series of passive infrared detectors was engineered to provide extraordinary reliability and accuracy. This new generation of PIRs evolved from the Xtralis defense-grade perimeter protection technology and our proven series of ADPRO PRO PIRs. This PIR portfolio is unmatched with innovative features such as 200m detection range, 360PROtect tamper protection, iCommission for one-man installation, and wireless communication. ADPRO PRO E-series detectors achieve unsurpassed performance even under precarious environmental conditions. The ADPRO PRO E-series PIR detectors are available in a variety of models to optimally address your perimeter, performance, and budget needs.

Model numbers:

Volumetric Medium-Range: PRO E-18, PRO E-18H, PRO E-30, PRO E-40; Volumetric Wide-Angle: PRO E-18W, PRO E-18WH; Medium-Range Curtains: PRO E-45, PRO E-45H; Medium-Range Directional Curtains: PRO E-45D, PRO E-45DH; Long Range Curtains: PRO E-100, PRO E-100H; Super Long Range Curtain: PRO E-400H; Wireless Detectors: PRO E-18WRF, PRO E-45RF, PRO E-100RF

Part Number
ADPRO PRO E-Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs)
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  • Designed for wall and pole mounting – no additional adaptors required
  • Delivers separate alarms to the Central Monitoring Station
  • All PRO E-models are provided with an RS-485 interface for detector and alarm management including data analysis or for remote service actions
  • 360PROtect™, an additional sensor built in to ALL detectors to cover the area from up to 1 meter behind, 0.75 m aside the detector up to 8 m in front of it eliminating all creep zones
  • Detection for attempted surface mount removal, masking, and twisting
  • Sophisticated 3D-tamper (pan/tilt/move) protection including a compass (slow panning)
  • Integrated cable managed bracket with tamper switch for non visible cable routing and added vandal protection
  • iCommission™ allows for commissioning and maintenance by a single individual using the iCommission application available on tablets and smartphones
  • Wireless solution enables alarm & fault reports to be transmitted
  • Intelligent power management and battery or solar power options offer completely cable-free solutions
  • Designed for seamless integration with the ADPRO portfolio: FastTrace 2E, IntrusionTrace, Xchange, Video Central Platinum, & iTrace


  • Outdoor perimeter and area detection:
    • solar fields
    • pipelines
    • logistic centers
    • scrap merchants
    • warehouses
    • utilities
  • Fence-line protection
  • Anticipating and proactive video surveillance
  • Providing reliable detection for remotely monitored and detector activated CCTV systems for maximum Central Monitoring Station profitability
  • Conditional triggering of CCTV, PTZ and dome cameras
  • Conditional triggering of video-switchers for event-driven CCTV


  • iCommission™ – one-man-commissioning-tool including iCommission-app remote controlled tilt adjustment
  • PRO E-Tool – configuration, commissioning, analysis and remote control software
  • IFM-485-ST – PC interface module for PC-based installation, commissioning, maintenance and alarm management of all PRO detectors
  • CT PRO 2 – wireless walk-tester (2.4 GHz) for all PRO detectors
  • CH18000101 – Alignment telescope PRO E
    series incuding adapters
  • CH11001201 – A pair of telescope adapters for PRO E detectors
  • PRO E-IPM – optional build-in IP-Module for PRO E-detectors for a direct communication to a receiver PC, a FastTrace/IFT or HeiTel CamDisc/ipVG device (High Level Interface) via an Ethernet network