Galaxy Flex offers now offers image sequence verification to confirm alarms, in addition to sequential and audio verification. Using the new ISN3010B4 camera PIR and Honeywell PE 1800IP alarm receiver, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) receives a sequence of pre- and post- alarm images to distinguish between real and false alarm signals received, thus avoiding penalties and costs associated with false alarms.

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PIR Specifications:
Range: 11 x 12 m
Sensitivity: Lowest, low, medium, high
Temp compensation: Dual slope
Pet Immunity: 0, 18, 36kg settings
Installation height: 2.30m to 2.70m
PIR detection field: Pyroelectric dual element
Pet Immune Lens: 44 long range, 36 intermediate, 18 lower
White light immunity: 6,500 lux (min)

Camera Specifications:
Horizontal Angle: 90
Image size: 640 x 256 pixels
No. of images: Up to 100
Colour setting: Black & White or Colour (using black and white setting enables faster transmission)
Night Vision: Yes (Infrared LEDs)
Set by Panel: Yes Pre-alarm images stored
Image capture on alarm trigger: Yes Pre-alarm images stored
Image capture on demand: Yes

Part No. Description
ISN3010B4 Camera PIR Sensor (Available on Flex panels with firmware version 3.0 onwards)