Wireless Flood Sensor and Temperature Sensor
Honeywell’s NEW DET8M sensor is a versatile wireless device that can be configured to operate as a standalone temperature sensor and/or a remote temperature sensor or a flood sensor. The DET8M offers a real advantage in detecting flooding and allows a signal to be transmitted from the panel to the monitoring station to allow for fast reaction to avoid property damage and high costs associated with flood damage.

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  • Dual Protocol for compatibility with Galaxy Dimension, G2, Le Sucre™, Domonial and Vista panels
  • Built in temperature sensor
    – Cold: 8°C (adjustable from 2°C to 14°C)
    – Hot: 26°C (adjustable from 20°C to 32°C)
    – Alarm signalling within 10 minutes
  • Flood probe (one FP280 supplied)
    – Alarm signalling within 60 seconds
  • Temperature external probe (T280R optional)
    – Freezer : -12°C (adjustable from -18°C to -6°C)
    – Refrigerator : 11°C (adjustable from 2°C to 20°C)
    – Alarm signalling within 10 minutes
  • Battery life:
    – V2GY mode: 6 years
    – ALPHA mode: 7 years
  • Bi-Directional RF communications
  • Dual Protocol for Compatibility with Galaxy, Domonial, and VISTA panels
  • Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 89 x 40 x 30mm
  • Approvals: CE; EN50131-1, EN50131-5-3, Grade, 2 Environmental Class II
Part No. Description
DET8M Wireless flood and temperature sensor
FP280 Spare probe for flood sensing
T280R External probe for freezer and refrigeration monitoring