The HA08A01KNX device is a  EIB/KNX DIN rail actuators for electrothermal valves with 8  Triac outputs at 24… 230V AC; the devices include 4 inputs for dry (potential-free) contacts. The outputs can be configured as:

• 8  channels for valve control in ON / OFF or PWM
• 4  channels for 3-points valve control

Inputs can be connected to buttons or switches (potential-free) and can be used for on / off commands, dimming, shutters or blinds / scenarios, sequences, step commands, etc. Inputs from 1 to 4 can be configured as outputs to activate single signaling LEDs (see eelectron leds code LD00A01ACC / LD00A11ACC) or can be configured as analogue inputs for the connection of NTC temperature probes (see eelectron probes code TS00A01ACC / TS00B01ACC ) with which to send 4 temperature measurements on the bus or to manage 4 complete thermostat modules. Each thermostat module manages 2 stages with an integrated PI controller for controlling heating and cooling equipment, valves, 2 and 4 pipe fan coils, etc. Additional 4 thermostat modules are available in the device for a total of 8. Moreover, 8 logic blocks are available to implement simple expressions with logical or threshold operator or complex expressions with algebraic and conditional operators; It’s possible to use predefined algorithms as proportional controls of temperature and humidity or dew point calculation. Device is equipped with KNX communication interface and is intended for installation on DIN rail in LV distribution cabinets

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