Designed for tough, commercial environments, DT7450-EOL Motion Sensor achieve reliable protection with improved false alarm immunity through DualCore™ signal processing.

Optimum performance is achieved using K-Band microwave technology and Uniform Sensitivity Optics. Furthermore the DT7450-EOL offers integrated EOL resistors which will save on installation time.

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  • Advanced DualCore Signal Processing
    DualCore signal processing analyzes PIR and microwave signals through the DT7450-EOL microcontroller. DualCore processing supports a multitude of advanced functions, including concurrent diagnostics, digital fluorescent light interference filter, digital adaptive microwave threshold, adaptive baselines, and bi-directional temperature compensation.
  • Superb Detection Through K-Band Technology
    K-Band microwave technology delivers sharp detection without holes or weak spots. The custom made source offers pattern shaping to fill the protected area with a broad, balloon-shaped pattern which matches the PIR pattern. It also offers pattern containment to reduce the penetration of microwave energy through walls.
  • Self-Testing for Consistently Reliable Operation
    Concurrent diagnostics assure optimum performance and reliability. Self-testing is performed upon power-up and at least once every hour on the PIR, microwave, PCB circuitry and temperature compensation circuitry.
  • DualCore Signal Processing
    PIR and microwave signals are analyzed in the microcontroller in multiple domains, including amplitude, time, frequency and duration to provide superior false alarm immunity without compromising detection. DualCore processing not only supports alarm functions, but also advanced temperature compensation, diagnostics, and false alarm features.
  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics
    The custom-designed Fresnel lens provides the same sensitivity for human targets at the edge of the pattern as exists directly in front of the sensor, giving the DT7450-EOL consistent coverage throughout the protected area.
Part No. Description
DT7450-EOL DUAL TEC, 18m, wide angle
SMB10 White swivel mount bracket (5 pack)
SMB10C White ceiling mount bracket (5 pack)
SMB10T Tampered white swivel mount bracket (5 pack)


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