Dual Technology Sensor
Range : 27m x 21m – 15m x 12m (Selectable to 15m x 12m)

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Key features include:

  • Vandal resistant housing, bug guard, INFORMER™ Circuit identifies range reduction
  • Microprocessor controlled, concurrent diagnostics, separate Alarm, Anti-Mask and Trouble relays
  • X-Band technology, Frequency : 10,687 Ghz
  • Operating temperature -10°C to 49°C
  • Power requirements : 10~15V DC, 50mA @ 12VDC
  • Tamper switch
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 134 x 178 x 210mm
  • PD6662, EN50131-1 Security Grade 3, Environmental Class II
  • TS50131-2-4 Grade 3
Part No. Description
DT900AM-UK Dual Technology Sensor