The IS216T-CUR is a passive infrared motion sensor with a curtain detection pattern. It is fully featured with dual slope temperature compensation, shock algorithm and digital signal processing. A curtain PIR is used for e.g. a shop window or a corridor.

This sensor is designed to fully comply with EN50131-1and TS50131-2-2 Grade 2, Class II.

Dip switch setting, a large wiring channel and mountingflexibility make the IS216T-CUR easy to install. Compromising the IS216T-CUR is inhibited by the look-down zones, tamper switch, sabotage-resistant lens design and the magnet-proof relay.

All these factors make the IS216T-CUR an ideal sensor forresidential and light commercial applications.

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  • Meets EN 50131-1 and TS50131-2-2 Security Grade 2, Class II Environmental
  • Advanced Dual slope temperature compensation provides improved protection in warm environment
  • Digital processing for improved catch and false alarm protection
  • Shock algorithm to reduce false alarms
  • Solid State alarm relay cannot be compromised by a magnet
  • Dip switches for easy setting of parameters
  • 10 min. walk test after start-up or trigger
  • Improved RF immunity offering additional protection against false activations
  • Large wiring channel on back to allow surface wiring
  • Patented look-down mirror provides optimum detection directly beneath the sensor
  • Wall-mount and corner mount knockouts provides mounting flexibility
  • Sabotage-resistant lens design
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Tamper switch is activated before access is possible
  • White Light Immunity of minimum 6500 Lux reduces false activiation
  • Bug guard prevents insects access to the sensor optics preventing false activation
  • Designed for residential and lightcommercial applications
  • Silent relay allows for use in quiet environments
Part No. Description
IS216T-CUR Curtain passive infrared motion sensor