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  • EOL resistors for alarm as well as tamper loop and anti-mask are already incorporated,
  • Mirror optics, Highest security approval
  • High quality performance sensor which meets the requirements of high risk environments (EN Grade 3, UK Government approved. for details contact CPNI.
  • Extensive detection coverage
  • Patented PIR signal analysis solution
  • Patented look down solution
  • Patented vibration solution
  • Built-in shock feature. In the event of vibration, this component overrides the PIR signal and ensures the device stays in Dual mode permanently
  • Patented mounting solution

Additional information

Type of detection

PIR (mirror)


16 x 22 m

EOL resistors

Alarm & tamper : 1K, 2.2K, 4.7K & 5.6K ; default = 1K Anti-Mask: 2.2K, 3K; default = 3K

Detection zones

36 long range, 10 intermediate, 12 lower, 2 look down

Walk test

20 s

RFI Immunity

15 V/m, 80 MHz – 2.7 GHz

Mounting height

2.3m optimal

Power requirements

9 – 15V dc


7 mA typical, 11mA max. (@ambient temp.)

Alarm relay

Form A / 30 mA@25 Vdc, max. 22 Ohm / Duration: 3 s

Anti-Mask relay

Form B / 30 mA@25 Vdc, max. 22 Ohm


Form A / 30 mA@25 Vdc – Cover & Wall

Operating temperature

-10oC to 55oC'

Temp. compensation

Advanced dual slope

Relative humidity

5% – 95% non condensing

PIR White Light Immunity

10,000 Lux typical


116 x 70 x 43 mm (HxWxD)


118 g

Approval Listings

EN50131-2-2 Grade 3 Class II, NF&A2P 3 shields, INCERT,􀀁 IMQ, SBSC, FG, F&P, NCP, GOST-R, PD6662:2010

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