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  • 16 monitor channels, independent volume for each monitor channel
  • LCD display current monitor channel and the correspondent monitor volume
  • Select monitor channel and control monitor volume through buttons
  • 7 grades (0-6) volume control for each channel
  • Automatic cycle monitor function, set cycle time through remote control unit
  • Have functions of remotely read the present monitor channel and volume, remote turning on/off, remote monitor channel selection, remote volume control, remote cycle monitor control and remote time-set of automatic cycle monitor
  • Short circuit signal activation
  • Apply switch of address setting, use decimal system to set the local address

Additional information


70/100V, audio signal

Monitor speaker

32 steps, digital control


Built in stereo hifi full range speaker, power>500mw

Volume ControlProtection

AC Fuse × 0.5A × 1


89(H) × 483(W) × 350(D)mm

Power Requirements

AC 220 V ± 10% 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

10~15 W

Net Weight

5.1 Kg

Gross Weight

6.3 Kg


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