KB-D13A / KB-D13A-T

KB-D13A / KB-D13A-T
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  • 4 channels for background signal inputs, 4 channels for alarm signal inputs, and 16 zones inputs
  • Has a 128*64 LCD screen, with Chinese/English menu, can realize timing open and close of zones
  • 3-button operation (UP, DOWN, and ENTER)
  • 16 zone controllers, 16 zonal condition indicators, and 16 zonal alarm condition indicator
  • ALL ON/ALL OFF for convenient use
  • 4 inputs for audio alarm signal (70V/100V audio signal), 4 background audio source input (70V/100V audio signal)
  • Short circuit activation for emergency broadcast
  • Apply switch of address setting, use decimal system to set the address
  • Functioned with remote power control, remote zonal control, and remote device reading, support fixed time data download and automatic timing of system
  • Adopt double lines of signal wiring and ground wiring so as to enhance the safety and reliability of power amplifier

Additional information


4 program and 4 priority channels, 70 / 100 V audio signal

Speaker Out

4 groups of 4 zones, 70 / 100 V audio signal

Power handling

3 KW total capacity,max 1.5 KW per channel

Alarm Out

0 V signal


power switch, 16 pushbotton zone selectors,3 menu buttons (UP, DOWN, ENTER), all on and all oft, address setting (1 digit)

Power Requirements

AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz

Power Consumption





133(H) × 483(W) × 390(D)mm




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