KB-DA1500 / KB-DA 1500/EN

KB-DA1500 / KB-DA 1500/EN
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  • High efficiency Class-D amplifier
  • Balanced / Unbalanced input available
  • With intelligent cooling technology
  • Auto constraint of output voltage , better electromagnetism com patibility
  • Full range protection
  • Available with or without 24 VDC back up power supply (part number without “EN”)

Additional information

Nominal output power


Main power supply voltage

~ 220V-240V 50/60Hz

Indicator lights

1 power indicator light 1 signal lights 1 peak clipping lights 1 equipment protection lights

Power consumption

< 720W

Main power supply protection

T10AL 250V

Speaker output voltage

100V / 70V

Frequency response

70~18KHz ( 1dB ~ -3dB)

Input sensitivity

0.775 Vrms

Input impedance

20K ohm

Signal to noise ratio

>90dB (with A-Weight)

Non-linear distortion

<0.1% (at 1/3 rated power, 1kHz)

Number of channels


Operating conditions

95% humidity, 0°C ~ 40°C (0~104°F) (no condensation)

Storage temperature

-10°C ~ 55°C (14°F~131°F)'

Cooling method

Air cooling

Product dimensions

400×88×483 mm

Package dimensions

489×186×568 mm

Net weight


Gross weight



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