Honeywell’s NetAXS 4 door controller is a feature-rich access control solution with an intuitive Web interface. It gives you all the benefits of traditional access control such as helping secure doors, managing employee access and sites remotely, and generating reports easily to meet compliance requirements.

NetAXS has been developed with an installer-friendly design that easily adapts to existing IT infrastructure and methods. This means reduced installation and support cost. Plus, NetAXS seamlessly integrates to Honeywell’s fully-featured WIN-PAK software to enable more robust and sophisticated NetAXS integrations. So as your system grows, NetAXS grows with you.

Part Number

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  • Cardholders: 10,000 standard
  • Transaction storage: 25,000 standard
  • Flash-based memory storage
  • No onboard batteries to replace
  • Easy feature expansion and firmware updates


  • On-board Ethernet, RS485 and RS232
  • Built-in interface does not require additional standalone or add-on communication modules
  • One RS485 for connecting 31 panels in a site loop
  • Connect to one device to manage your entire facility

System Overview

  • Embedded web server
  • Add on to your existing WIN-PAK system
  • Dedicated tamper alarm
  • Dedicated power fail alarm
  • Real time clock:
    – Geographic time zone support
    – Daylight saving time

Part No. Description
NX4S1E NetAXS 4 door access controller in standard enclosure, built-in 230V transformer, four surge suppressors and back-up battery
NX4UPG2T4 Legacy NX4S2E to NX4S1E upgrade*Contact Honeywell Customer Service for upgrade procedure.