Alarm receiver central station running under Linux Operating System.
With Multiple communication protocols including Secom3, PE1800XS alarm receiver has been specificaly designed around Domonial system features to provide a high service level to the Monitoring station and the Installer.

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Incomming connections

  • One or two ISDN 30 channels primary accesses
  • ISDN channels can be used in audio or data mode (V110). Data mode used for high quality GSM CSD transmission
  • Every ISDN channel in audio mode can serve dynamically any supported analog protocol.
  • Identification of site by Caller Id / Black list
  • Currently supported analog protocols : SECOM3, CONTACT-ID, CESA, SURTEC, STRATEL, SCAN, SERIEE, DAITEM, BIOTEL.
  • TCP connection with up to 60 GPRS panels
  • SMS connection with dedicated modem or through TCP connection to the SMS Center

Digital transfer

  • Receiving Domonial alerts through SMS or CSD
  • Sending and receiving Domonial configuration data through PSTN (V23), GSM CSD or TCP
  • Receiving images from IRVPI800M motion detector with built-in camera (CSD or TCP)

Audio processing

  • Record and replay the audio following the alarm transmission
  • Route audio to the operator using the local switching system ; no double wiring
  • Dial, record and replay outgoing calls

Integrating in ARC

  • TCP connection to Alarm Processing System. Interfaces available from major APS suppliers
  • Serves steadily 10 events per second
  • TCP connection to IST Technical server
  • ISDN local connection to audio switching system
  • Build-in Web server for user friendly administration interface
  • FTP connection to archive machine for audio, images and logs

Securing received alarms

  • Reroute dynamically to backup APS
  • Local storage of 50.000 events (or more, depending upon configuration) in case of temporary failure of APS.
  • Non transmitted events can be viewed on the administration interface
  • Printer output for standalone operation in case of lasting failure of APS

IST and Technical server IST

  • Upon reception of any SECOM3 alarm from a Domonial panel, the PE1800 will propose it to the IST technical server.
  • The IST will accept it based upon filtering criteria : nature of the alarm, subscriber number, current time, etc.
  • The PE1800 then behaves as a modem between the panel and the IST, still using the call initiated by the panel.
  • The PE1800 can also be used by the IST for outgoing calls, e.g. for contacting Domonial panels that are not yet using SECOM3.
  • IST+PE1800 can serve as a communications server for Domostation/DomoPC downloader
Part No. Description
PE1800XS ISDN/IP alarm receiver
IST Technical server for Domonial panels