The Transponder Reader TR32Ax9KNX is an EIB/KNX wall mounting device suitable to access control application.
This device can be used in any kind of building (Hotel, Hospital, Offices, Parking, etc..) where the access control application is required.
The device is equipped with two binary inputs (potential free contacts) that can be used, for instance, to control whether the door lock has been opened or closed or other signals coming from external switches/contacts (i.e. windows, bathroom emergency alarms, etc..) and with one frontal switch freely configurable by ETS. The transponder reader is equipped also with two output relays which can be used for any purposes, typically to open the door or turning on the courtesy light inside the room.
The product provides on the front side four LEDs in order to enlighten 4 icons to display the following states (e.g. in case of Hotel management):
– Access Allowed/Not Allowed
– SOS request
– Service Call (clean room, etc..)
– Client status (“Busy room” or “Do not Disturb”)
The LEDs and icons can be configured in association with other alarms or events. The transponder reader can reads cards or keys at a maximum distance of 30mm from the front side.
The access control follows a sequence where the “build number” has been checked at first, then the “data” to check if it has been elapsed or not, next the password ID for client/ guest/service identification, then the enabled entrance timing window. In case card reading pass all checks the door is opened and, if set, the courtesy light inside is switched on. At the same time the Transponder Holder can send the reading response to the bus.
The device configuration for commissioning in terms of physical address, group addresses and parameters is done with ETS ( Engineering Tool Software) through a download of the Application Program.

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