The TR22A01KNX card reader is an EIB / KNX device dedicated to access card control with the transponder; it is customizable versatile and modular, and suitable for almost any application. Mounting boxes are embedded, rectangular or round with 2 or 3 modules. The plastic housing is available in a range of colours, and a glass finishes can be ordered separately, allowing the unit to be matched with every kind of design. The device has two physical ON / OFF inputs available for controlling the door open / close contacts or other signals (window contacts, bathroom pull alarms etc.). The device has two relays for lock management, courtesy light control or another use. On the reader front there are 4 LEDs, 3 of which are freely configurable, and used respectively for the reporting about: access granted, access denied, emergency, required room redo, room occupied or do not disturb. The transponder reading can be made at a distance of 30 mm. The primary feature is the number-control facility. If the code is consistent, the device will continue by verifying the validity of the “date” field (if enabled). Then the “password” will be checked with the associated codes with it (hours, customer number, service number), and enabled. If verified, the door will open, and (if set), the courtesy light will be turned on, and the reading will be forwarded to the bus. ETS configuration.

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