Device IO08F01KNX is a DIN rail EIB / KNX actuators with 8 relay outputs that can be configured as:

–  8 outputs for light / load control
–  8 channels for valve in PWM (solenoid actuators)
–  4 channels for roller shutter / venetian control
–  4 channels for 3-point valve control
–  2 fan coil actuators 2-pipes
It is also possible to combine 2 or 3 relays with logic interlock for 4-pipe / 3-speed fan coil control or combine groups of relays (up to 8) for special function using logic interlock .

The device also includes 8 inputs that can be connected to pushbuttons, switches, or be configured as outputs to activate individual signalling LEDs (eelectron code LD00A01ACC / LD00A11ACC) and can be used for on / off, dimming, shutters or venetian blinds / scenarios, sequences, step-by-step commands, etc. 4 inputs (of the 8) are configurable as analogue for the connection of NTC temperature probes (see probes eelectron code TS00A01ACC / TS00B01ACC) with which to send 4 temperature measurements on the bus and manage a simple on / off controls (e.g. thermo furniture).
It is also possible to enable 2 complete thermostat modules; each thermostat module manages 2 stages with integrated PI controller for driving heating and cooling equipment, valves, 2 and 4-pipe fan coils, etc.

Version IO08F01KNX-SD includes a microSD card reader includes a microSD card with which you can save the programming of the device to be able to restore it on an identical device in order to avoid programming in field or to allow a fast restore in case of failure.

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