VESDA-E VES Aspirating Smoke Detector (Sector Addressable ASD)

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The VESDA-E VES can identify and monitor smoke density by individual sampling pipe (sector) which allows a single zone to be divided into four separate sectors; for example, distinguishing between separate aisles within a data room. Sector addressability enables the user to respond to a potential fire event quickly by reducing the search area. The VESDA-E VES has four programable alarm thresholds (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2) per pipe that allows flexible field application. After the detector identifies the first sector to reach the Alert threshold it continues to sample from all sectors to report real time status per sector via the intuitive touch screen display. Built on the Flair detection technology and years of application experience the VESDA-E VES detector delivers very early warning with the best in class dust rejection throughout its lifetime
The ideal solution for such areas as:

  • Data center
  • Warehouse
  • Prison/Correctional
  • Airport
  • Clean room
  • Large atrium

Additional information


Sector addressability for up to four sectors or zones

Scan threshold

Adaptive scan threshold

Flair detection

Flair detection technology delivers reliable very early warning in a wide range of environments with minimal nuisance alarms

Multi stage filtration

Multi stage filtration and optical protection with clean air barriers ensures lifetime detection performance

Configurable alarm

Four configurable alarm levels per sector and a wide sensitivity range deliver optimum protection for the widest range of applications

LCD display

Intuitive LCD display provides instant status information for immediate response

Fault thresholds

Flow fault thresholds per port accommodate varying airflow conditions

On-board filter

Smart on-board filter retains dust count and remaining filter life for predictable maintenance

Event log

Extensive event log (20,000 events) for event analysis and system diagnostics


AutoLearn smoke and flow for reliable and rapid commissioning

Backward compatible

Clean Air Zero™Backward compatible with VLS and VESDAnet


Ethernet for connectivity with Xtralis software for configuration, secondary monitoring and maintenance


Secondary monitoring and maintenance via WiFi

Relays configurable

Relays configurable as latching or non-latchingUSB for PC configuration, and firmware upgrade using a memory stick


Two programmable GPIs (1 monitored) for flexible remote control


Field replaceable sub-assemblies enable faster service and maximum uptime


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