Golden Porcelain Project

Golden Porcelain Project

Project Name: Zarrin Porcelain (Administrative Department)

And Project location: Tehran

Project topic: Fire alarm equipment


Today, the construction industry has moved towards providing the best space to prevent hazards

and reduce risk in the building by using the available facilities properly.

The installation of intelligent and automatic fire alarm systems is one of the factors in ensuring the security of the building.

Sepehr Sanat Complex in this project, using safety equipment; and fire alarm Honeywell Morley IAS, has been responsible for providing the security required by the Chinese company Zarrin (administrative department).

It should be noted that the comprehensive fire services of Sepehr Sanat large complex

include supply and installation to advanced monitoring and maintenance services.

We strive to provide the most advanced safety technologies on the market and create a high level of fire safety in your life and business.

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