Laden office-commercial building project

Project Name: Laden Office-Commercial Building

And Project location: Tehran

Project topic: CCTV system – iPhone video


CCTV cameras and video iphone are the watchful eye and representative without error of the owner of apartments and office complexes, etc.,

which in addition to increasing security can be useful in many cases. Monitoring and controlling the movement of residents and non-residents, passing vehicles in the building area, controlling the environment, etc.,

which will all cause the well-being of residents and owners. Knowing the needs of the audience, Sepehr Sanat Large Group has always been committed to providing open and integrated solutions by Honeywell security and safety

products from video systems to access control systems. Features, Capabilities, Equipment and Accessories Supported by Honeywell IP Cameras

The selection of Honeywell products is based on the Laden Office-Commercial Project with an area of ​​1,300 square meters.

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