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Citadium commercial project

Project Name: Citadium Commercial Center

And Project location: West Azerbaijan – Urmia

Project topic: Fire alarm equipment


The use of fire alarm system in commercial centers is of great importance.

The huge amount of capital available in the construction sector and the constant movement of citizens of all ages, the elderly, middle-aged and young, .., requires a safe and peaceful environment.

Any accident can be irreparable and a great human catastrophe.

Citadium Commercial Center with an area of ​​53,500 square meters and sports, recreational and cultural services along with commercial activities, chose the large complex of Sepehr Sanat to ensure the well-being and safety of its customers.

Sepehr Sanat Large Group proposed Morley-IAS to equip against fire safety of the Citadium commercial project in Urmia,

which includes a double loop panel, a loop development card and 400 devices. Morley IAS fire control panels are cost-effective and flexible,

and are well integrated with other building management systems. These panels, with their intuitive and user-oriented interface, facilitate the access of the staff present at the project site and enable quick and safe evacuation in a large and busy environment.

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