Qeshm Tobacco Industrial Town Project

Qeshm Tobacco Industrial Town Project

Project Name: Qeshm Tobacco Industrial Town

And Project location: Hormozgan – Qeshm

Project topic: Fire alarm equipment

Implementation of fire alarm system for large areas where in addition to capital and work requirements, human capital is also present in the environment is much more sensitive and requires planning, design and implementation of intelligent and efficient fire alarm system to be able to Protect the lives of employees and protect the capital and equipment in the environment. Factories are one of the environments that have both wide and diverse sectors and human capital.

Sepehr Sanat large collection of industrial solutions provided HONYWEL Morley IAS fire alarm systems designed for critical industrial applications to Qeshm Tobacco Industrial Town. The flexibility of Morley-IAS equipment to meet the needs of users’s day, combined with the ability to integrate seamlessly with other building systems, makes it an ideal choice for protecting industrial environments.

Morley, with its intelligent fire alarm systems, products and solutions, assures you that it not only protects your life and business, but also acts quickly and effectively in times of danger.

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