• Bringing smart airport standards to a new level
  • Development of integrated airports at the next level
  • Inspire better airports

Smart Airport Management

Our smart approach focuses on aviation solutions, terminals and various parts of the airport. We make it easier for operators to meet safety, security and efficiency and productivity challenges.
The building integration system is an intelligent, easy-to-use platform that integrates building management, security, security and commercial communication systems. This results in a highly efficient and stable source of information that helps make airports more efficient.
Improving emergency response, increasing operational efficiency and ROI, the possibility of complete control over the system, reducing costs and improving efficiency are the main benefits of system integration.

External environment of the terminal

  • Smart Security Cameras
  • Radar Video Surveillance Systems (RVS) and Environmental Theft Alarm Systems (PIDS)

Terminal input

  • Acceptance, ticket sales, security and luggage delivery
  • Imaging and handling solutions for baggage delivery
  • Audio and paging systems

Building Management Systems

  • Energy Management
  • Smoke and fire detectors
  • Fire Detection Sensor FA (FAAST)


More than 100 years of innovation

As a well-known leader in aviation and airports, the Honeywell route is clear:
Move the world forward.
Honeywell’s advances have helped transform modern, integrated airports – making them safer, cleaner, smarter and more environmentally friendly.
That’s why more than 500 airports, almost all aviation and commercial organizations, and most of the world’s airlines rely on Honeywell to take them to the next level.
A clever move

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