Honeywell Integrated Solutions for Integrated Medical Centers

Honeywell can help you with complex challenges.
Changing laws, providing more security and safety, and staffing are all factors that put a lot of pressure on hospitals. In addition, there is a need for more efficient productivity, more data collection and the collection of electronic records. Appropriate solutions can address these challenges. But incorrect technology, or poorly implemented solutions, can jeopardize patient safety and deprive physicians of valuable time due to IT disruptions. Today, health care providers can use Honeywell productivity measures to identify patients and workflow systems.


Ensures that staff and current operations in the organization are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible


With the implementation of an appropriate security system, staff, patients, visitors and contractors will be protected and the entry and exit of people in unauthorized areas will be limited and controlled.


It does not matter if you own a small clinic or a large hospital, you need to make sure that you can run it safely and securely.


With data collected from hundreds of thousands of people in health care centers around the world, Honeywell has proven track record and complete technology to overcome the most complex healthcare challenges.

Honeywell Health Strategies

Honeywell solutions and products are the most comprehensive and powerful technology suite in the healthcare industry. From the fastest and most accurate barcode scanners of medical products to mobile software, RFID and audio systems, advanced mobile management tools that allow you to manage systems remotely from a single, centralized location. Honeywell is committed to collecting healthcare data and controlling workflows and strengthening interconnectedness that enhances patient safety and quality of care.

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Integrated Honeywell Therapies at Fiona Stanley Hospital

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