• Optimal performance from extraction to operation
  • Get more value
  • Product portfolio that offers a unique combination of performance, efficiency and safety

Digital Intelligence

Honeywell Digital Suites for Petrochemicals is a combination of Honeywell’s manufacturing expertise with safety and performance in mind. Using Digital Suites technology, production performance can be increased up to 5%. Production managers can make better operational decisions with six sets of software based on new technologies designed to improve productivity:

Increase production quality

Improve equipment performance

Operational data

Operational Performance

Production Supervision

Process Safety

Reduce operating costs

Honeywell products, software and services are designed to improve safety, reliability, productivity and efficiency. We always strive to reduce our customers’ surplus costs in the oil and gas industry.


More safety and security

Honeywell has designed a comprehensive and comprehensive set of solutions to protect people and their property.

Honeywell’s product portfolio includes integrated control and security systems, alarm management, cyber and physical security, fire and gas leak detection, personnel safety and management programs. Our solutions provide a safe procedure that includes the best ways to operate more efficiently throughout the facility and our customers will be more satisfied.

Get the best performance

Use the power of data to achieve the best returns.
Around the world, Honeywell helps customers collect large amounts of data from their processes and equipment, then turn that data into useful and useful information. By automating the system and integrating processes, equipment can deliver the best possible efficiency.


Control room, offices and refinery site

We improve business performance by quickly and easily collecting data from all areas and production equipment. Then, our solutions turn data into useful information and provide that information to decision makers when needed.

Solutions and Applications

  • Monitoring Control / SCADA
  • Manage alarms
  • System Integrity
  • Planning
  • MAC and I-MAC contracting
  • Instant process optimization
  • Process design and training simulation
  • Asset Management and Equipment Supervision
  • Advanced Control
  • Personal Addressing Systems
  • Fire and gas leak detection systems
  • Personnel safety (gas leak detection / position / PPE)
  • Environmental pollution reporting systems
  • Pipeline and compressor simulation
  • Operator training
  • Building Automation
  • Security and building management
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