In today’s unpredictable world, the ability to identify, understand and meet security needs is crucial. This is a priority for any business to protect its staff, workplace and assets. Minimizing any potential disruption to core activities is another requirement
We offer a wide range of security solutions to meet the current and future needs of the business (at any scale). We are committed to ensuring the highest level of protection, so that you can have peace of mind and protect your key assets and resources.

Guarantee comfort for guests

Honeywell has more than a century of experience in building automation solutions, control and specialty areas in hotels, resorts and more. We are a pioneer in integrated guest room automation with over 1.5 million rooms worldwide.

Results provided with Honeywell solutions

    • New and unique experiences for guests
    • Operational efficiency
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Provide instant information
    • High access
    • Return on Revenue

Smart Hotel

The EBI Building Integration System is an intelligent, easy-to-use platform that manages everything from CCTV and fire alarm systems to energy monitoring, reporting and optimization systems. In a crowded hotel, Honeywell’s energy management system can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.
Result? A highly efficient and consistent source of information that helps hotels become more efficient.

Continuous presence with hotel guests during their stay

Honeywell can be found in almost all luxury hotels. From the moment guests enter the parking lot or lobby door, during the reception process and during their stay – we are there to help managers have a fully integrated and cost-effective experience.


Warm welcome

Building entrance

Enter in a special way


Lights, CCTV cameras, security systems

Guest room

Provide smart services

Length of stay

Provide comfort, security and safety

Be ready for the future

Few companies have as much experience in the hospitality industry as Honeywell in the world. For over 100 years, innovation has always been one of our core goals. By using solutions that improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of hotels, resorts and سراسر around the world. So, be our guest. Contact us today to see how our solutions can modernize your entire infrastructure and turn your hotel into a destination that your customers want to return to again and again without reservation.

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