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EOL resistors for alarm as well as tamper loop and anti-mask are already incorporated,
Mirror optics, Highest security approval
High quality performance sensor which meets the requirements of high risk environments (EN Grade 3, UK Government approved. for details contact CPNI.
Extensive detection coverage
Patented PIR signal analysis solution
Patented look down solution
Patented vibration solution
Built-in shock feature. In the event of vibration, this component overrides the PIR signal and ensures the device stays in Dual mode permanently
Patented mounting solution

توضیحات تکمیلی

Type of detection

PIR (mirror)


16 x 22 m

EOL resistors

Alarm & tamper : 1K, 2.2K, 4.7K & 5.6K ; default = 1K Anti-Mask: 2.2K, 3K; default = 3K

Detection zones

36 long range, 10 intermediate, 12 lower, 2 look down

Walk test

20 s

RFI Immunity

15 V/m, 80 MHz – 2.7 GHz

Mounting height

2.3m optimal

Power requirements

9 – 15V dc


7 mA typical, 11mA max. (@ambient temp.)

Alarm relay

Form A / 30 mA@25 Vdc, max. 22 Ohm / Duration: 3 s

Anti-Mask relay

Form B / 30 mA@25 Vdc, max. 22 Ohm


Form A / 30 mA@25 Vdc – Cover & Wall

Operating temperature

-10oC to 55oC'

Temp. compensation

Advanced dual slope

Relative humidity

5% – 95% non condensing

PIR White Light Immunity

10,000 Lux typical


116 x 70 x 43 mm (HxWxD)


118 g

Approval Listings

EN50131-2-2 Grade 3 Class II, NF&A2P 3 shields, INCERT,􀀁 IMQ, SBSC, FG, F&P, NCP, GOST-R, PD6662:2010



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